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The Men from UGLY, purveyors of fine music since 1984.


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Page last updated 4th June 2004

Greetings UGLY people!

Check out the shop to buy UGLY T-shirts, etc on-line!

For those of you new to this website, we're actually a record company (UGLY Records) but as so many people come here to see pictures of ugly people we've put up some galleries and welcome contributions!

We're doing a lot of background work at the moment and shortly will be adding on-line chat, free classified advertising for any Ugly stuff you want to sell and other wildy exciting crap. We are now in a position to offer internet email facilities (similar to Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), ie:    if you would be interested in having an UGLY email account let us know and if enough people show interest I'll set it up.

You will notice some parts of this website are new and improved and some are still old style ugly. As pages get replaced or updated they will gradually all migrate to new style UGLY. Thanks for your patience.

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UGLY News from Around the World

Calling all Musicians! Got a band but don't have a website? Send us an email and we'll see what we can do about putting photo's, info & music into our music features section. FREE OF CHARGE!